Shannon Shea

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If you are a fan of creatures from 1980s cinema like ALIENS or PREDATOR, than this book is for YOU!  It is a first-person account from creature-creator Shannon Shea and includes chapters on genre favorites including: EVIL DEAD II, MONSTER SQUAD, and HOUSE (Ding, Dong You're Dead). Shannon recounts his experiences starting as a growing up in Louisiana and then venturing out to Hollywood to follow his dream only to find himself on an adventure he never could have imagined!


Shannon has done an amazing job of bringing me back to the 'golden days' of makeup fx! I'm so honored to be included in many of the stories! I was a total fan of his 1st Person Monster Blog, and this blows that away! The stories from Evil Dead 2, Star Trek 4, and on to Aliens and Predator and just as they happened. He tells a very faithful account of all the great stuff, and all the not so great stuff too (some of that is even more fun)! If you ever wanted to know all the behind the scenes stories from some of your favorite monster movies, this is the book to read! Oh- and I love that he's made available the unrated, unedited version, even if it is for a limited time. Get this book!!!

Mike Spatola, author

The Monstrous Makeup Manuals Book 1 and 2

Shannon is a gifted instructor, all around "Good Guy" and a damned talented one, too!!! The blurb below doesn't even mention his best known gags. Jurassic Park (Raptors?!!). In Terminator 2, Sarah is vaporized in a dream. HE DID THAT with toilet paper and Tempera paint!!! The point is he wrote it ALL down and if you love some of THE BEST movie F/X ever, you need to read this BEFORE they edit it and the lawyers get their mitts on it. For $15 you can read it ALL! How cool is that?!! Give yourself a gift and grab it... QUICK! Seriously, an insiders look at some of the Classic 80's & 90's movies before being CGI took over the box office. Enjoy!!!

Chris Nelmes

Shannon John Shea is one of the most brilliant writers I've EVER known and one of most genuine of human beings. Shannon's (verrrry) special (UNEDITED) version of, I'M RUBBER, YOU'RE GLUE promises to be a serious eye opener;)). Just you wait and see... (I used to look Asian before this!!)

Jennifer Tung

Inside info from the white hot molten core of the 1980's practical effects explosion, written by a man who survived it!

John Dods, Makeup Effects and Stop Motion Animation Guru

I read this as fervently as a young Shannon Shea read those old FX magazines...and gained just as much inspiration. Absolutely magical!

Langley J. West

Nocturnal Combustion Effects

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